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People AND Tech - S2e3 - One Knight in Product - Jason Knight on Podcasting, Product Craft, Scrum and Technology

SummaryIn this episode, Duena, Dave and Jason Knight discuss the topics of human debt and tech debt in technology, as well as the divide between technology and product...

S2e2 -People AND Tech -A Conversation with Aaron Phethean - Brilliant Data Mind, "Adored" People Leader

SummaryIn this conversation, Aaron Phethean shares his experiences in dealing with data debt and the challenges of communication in the technology industry. He discuss...

P&T - New Season - S02E01 - Work as Identity

SummaryIn this conversation, the hosts discuss the changing landscape of work and identity in the face of technological advancements and societal challenges. They expl...

Chasing Psychological Safety - S1E1 - Inaugural Special Episode with the Godmother of Psychological Safety in Technology Gitte Klitgaard

SummaryThe conversation covers various topics related to the tech industry, personal challenges, and the need for a psychological safety community. The hosts catch up ...

S1E7 - Dora report and developer stories

S1E4 - MckinseyGate

People and Tech S1E3


S1E1 - Take 40